Editorial e-Bulletin March 2014 Featured

This e-bulletin gives an update of the progress made so far by the partners of FUEL4ME. We are now one year into the project which started with a kick-off meeting in March 2013. The first experimental evaluations of microalgae performance in laboratory-scale photobioreactors are finished, analytical ~omics protocols have been developed and will be combined with detailed laboratory studies on optimization of continuous lipid production, which are currently running.

With Spring starting early this year in Europe, it is good to see that the development of the outdoor cultivation systems is on schedule: all systems in Italy, Israel, the Netherlands and Spain will be converting sunlight, seawater and CO2 into biomass and lipids this Spring!

Besides cultivation, the FUEL4ME partners have undertaken their first steps towards development of next generation fatty acid extraction protocols, and the development and description of the methodology for the sustainability assessment (economic, environmental and social assessment) is finished.

In the next years we hope to show you interesting results leading up to a sustainable process for continuous production of lipids from microalgae. We believe microalgae will become an important sustainable feedstock for production of commodities by innovative research. Through collaboration between research institutes, universities and industrial partners these innovations can be realized in a biobased economy.

FUEL4ME Work Package 1 leader
Dr. Packo Lamers
Wageningen UR - Bioprocess Engineering - AlgaePARC 

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