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FUEL4ME will also perform an assessment of the sustainability including environmental, economic and social parameters of a continuous production and conversion process developed in the project. The results will be used to guide the technical development and future implementation in the desired direction and to be able to determine economic feasibility and environmental sustainability.

Within the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) the methodologies Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) will be used. Different concepts of the FUEL4ME integrated process have been developed for the assessment with the following main characteristics: location of the cultivation, microalgae specie, capacity of biofuel production, size of one algae cultivation site, protein separation and fertilizer production.

The assessment of different concepts will be used to analyze different parameters. Concerning the framework for the sustainability assessment the system boundary, functional unit, data sources and qualities, and the reference system with conventional products (see Figure 1 on next page) have been developed.


Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment



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